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Incredible quality

These feel incredible.

Smooth and Tactile with Great Feedback

These switches offer a nice tactile bump at the start of the stroke and are very smooth. I like that the resistance after the bump doesn't drop as much as many tactile switches. The sound is quite mellow since it is silent on the return stroke. Overall, one of my favorite switches as well as one of the most unique sounding.

Love the switches and the service!

This is the second build I have used these in and it was at the request for a build. I like using them for a pretty nice deep sound when even straight out with the factory lube.
This was an order for 110 hand lubed and filmed and I did get them really quickly and they were nicely lubed and the film really makes sure the housing fits snug however I did receive 90 instead of the 110. When I noticed this I contacted them right away and to my surprise got an email back the same day (a Saturday) and they apologized for the inconvenience and had the additional switches shipped out the same day to get them to me in time for the build to get finished. Just absolute great service and is really nice to see.

Perfect fit

Got a bunch of these for stocking stuffers with a bunch of different switches & the fit is practically perfect on every one. No wiggling or chatter, just nice clean clacks! And I love that I can see my switch's lil booty through the base!

Kailh Box Jade switchs are the best

RTINGS rated these the best clicky switch and I agree. I like them a lot more than the blue switchs I have used in the past. Put this set in an Epomaker TH 80 Pro and I am loving the sound they make.

Great for RGB

The key caps feel great and they let the RGB shine through very well. With the stock key caps on my Keychron keyboard you could hardly tell that the RGB was on during the day. With the shine through keycaps it is obvious that RGB is turned on even during the day. I actually enjoy the RGB lighting on my keyboard now.

Fun to type with

Debated whether I would like Box Pinks or Jade's better. These feel more tactile like a nice bubble wrap snap which is very satisfying. I only noticed a slow return on one switch I put in for the spacebar, but after using for a day that went away on its own.


There's nothing wrong with this board specifically, and it came very quickly, but I didn't realize (my own fault) how see through the keyboard was, and with the RGB on it looks cheap ngl. The stabilizers it comes with aren't lubed so it does make that clicky sound. But aside from that, packaged great, nice little keyboard for a beginner.

Great Stuff

Really really really really quiet, really nice, and no complaints from me.

Amazing Build Quality for the Price

The quality of the keycaps themselves: the plastic, the thickness, the fit, feel, and the sound are all really good. Even the spacebars are straight.
However, like most keycaps in this price range the legends on the caps are not perfect. The alpha characters are all really good, but many of the other keys have legends that are off centered. It's not terrible but a few are pretty noticeable. One thing I personally don't like is that the font size of the number row is a bit small, much smaller than the alphas and F-keys.
I would definitely recommend this keycaps set and would buy them again in a heartbeat. The color scheme is awesome too.

C³ EQUALZ X TKC Banana Split | Macho Linear Switches

Fantastic customer service!!

The switches all came in perfect condition, a few were missing so I contacted support and the response time was so quick, and they were so sweet and polite and sent out the missing switches immediately. I'm so excited about the build I'm gonna make with these switches! They were so hard to find, so I was really excited to find them here and at such a great price! Honestly I'm only buying my switches through here from now on.


very thocky, but i didnt know they were 5-pin until i broke 3 of my 10 trying to fit them in. :( thankfully i had enough for my keyboard


They look good! It would have been nice if they came in a box with organized caps, but I had to sort through them all to find the correct caps as I installed them. Not a big deal, though.

KTT Kang White V3 Linear Switches
KTT White is absolutely Amazing

Get this switch, you won't regret, the lubed version is as good as it claimed. 本萌妹实在太懒了,直接图省事了,呼呼~

Excellent keychains!! Careful packaging and fast shipping! I ordered colored keycaps but they came clear, but now I really like how you can see the switches! Really love the tactile! :)

The Rolls Royce of linear switches

They are what you would expect, very nice, I think my favorite switches next to the Novelkeys Creams.

Order a few extra

Came functional and working as expected, however a few of the switches had bent pins and there was one that just plain didn't work, so I'd recommend ordering a few extra.

The switches lock nicely into the base and don’t fall out. Shipping was fast and everything arrived in perfect condition. It’s super fun and satisfying to fidget with while working and studying. Love it!

Used this to replace the 3mm stock foam in my heavily modified ROG Azoth, and the slightly thinner foam improved gasket performance while keeping the deep sound profile I like. Also removed the annoying ping in the Keychron Q0 Plus.

Great Linear Switches

These are amazing, very smooth feeling out of the box (I didn't lube them or anything). They look cool if you're into orange. These feel like the perfect weight so you don't accidentally hit keys, but also not so heavy that you get fatigued. Using mine for gaming.

This is such a fun and unique fidget! Love it!!

Very happy with the keycap. Although it was a bit loose on the keyboard I ended up pinching the inside a bit closer with some pliers and now it sits perfectly

Received the Switch sample pack in a timely manner. One switch didn't have a metal leaf, which is fine for a test set. Came with a free single switch tester and keycap which is nice, but the tester is too tight that the switches are squeezed causing the spring to not fully return the stem.