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Order a few extra

Came functional and working as expected, however a few of the switches had bent pins and there was one that just plain didn't work, so I'd recommend ordering a few extra.

The switches lock nicely into the base and don’t fall out. Shipping was fast and everything arrived in perfect condition. It’s super fun and satisfying to fidget with while working and studying. Love it!

Great Linear Switches

These are amazing, very smooth feeling out of the box (I didn't lube them or anything). They look cool if you're into orange. These feel like the perfect weight so you don't accidentally hit keys, but also not so heavy that you get fatigued. Using mine for gaming.

A big difference

Once I was able to sit down and apply each film, there was a big difference in sound and I loved it. Nice, tight switches make for more focus on the thock!

Amazing service

They had just the switches I wanted in stock. The delivery came 3 days early and they are great quality and went in smooth!

Great Switches

I got these switches for a Nyquist build in a 3D printed case. I opted to have them lubed and filmed. Shipping was very fast. The switches feel and sound fantastic. I'm usually a linear switch user, but I am a huge fan of these. If you are looking for a good tactile switch with a defined bump, these are the way to go.

Shipping was surprisingly fast. All of the parts were neatly packaged. I had a lot of fun putting this together. Plus, this was incredibly helpful in trying to determine which switches I like.


These switches are SO NICE~ They dull the RGB on my keyboard a bit, but they’re totally worth it. They arrived quickly and safely, can’t recommend these switches and Thock King enough. Highly recommend!


Decided to go with these for my new build instead of Everglide Aqua Kings. having both in hand and comparing them, these seem to be of higher quality. Specifically the springs and the housing. Did my own lubing and filiming with krytox lube and durock brand 0.25 films. I wish I could comment on how they sound but I had to RMA my board so am waiting to install them. Slightly disappointed they did not ship in that neat little jar they have. Came in two bags of 55 count.

Nice little package

Great for fidgety people who like keyboards. Random switch selection had some things I know and others that were good to test drive. A couple of the slots are a little too loose and the switches fall out occasionally but it's not a huge deal. YMMV


Love the structure of it and the non jagged edges. Seated my switches well and securely. Love to squish it whenever I'm idle or am pondering on something lol

Smooth Linear Switches - Great Sound & Service

I'm thrilled to be typing on my Light Green Tangerines. These are my new favorite switches. I had Thock King lube and film the switches - everything was done evenly. I'm using the switches on a TOFU65 DZ65RGB board and MAXKEY SA profile keycaps. Awesome feel and sound and a joy use for my weekend keyboard. I reached out after the order to inquire on status - James responded shortly within 2 hours and was very helpful. Ordered on June 5 and received the switches on June 17. I would use Thock King again for switches and lube/film service.

Pretty decent

Overall pretty decent, would buy again. It's a pretty reasonable way to test switches (testing two switches on opposite sides makes pressure differences obvious), and makes a great fidget toy. It came with a decent variety of switches. It feels robust enough, I don't think this is likely to break. The only "ok" area is fit and finish - it has pretty good tolerances, but it's generally obvious it's 3D printed, and the clear keycaps I got with it are "meh" (a couple keep coming off easily). Would buy again.

Super fast shipping and the little acrylic test switch holder is so tiny and can definitely come in handy for artisan keycap holding as well :)

I like how you can pick and choose, so helpful for my fidgeting! I recently got into keyboards and im obsessed with this thing.

This is probably the best purchase I’ve made this year, and I’ve made a lot of them. I haven’t stopped clicking it since I put it together, and my sister loves hers as well!

Dude. This is my favorite fidget toy by far. As a fidgeter and keyboard enthusiast, this fidget hits a sweet spot that I didn’t even now existed. It also came with a switch/keycap puller combo tool which is dope. I love that it comes disassembled so that you can install each switch where you want them. I did custom with 2 of each type (linear, tactile, and clicky). Looking forward to swapping the switches around with new ones in the future. Super cool! The PBT keycaps are also very good quality.

Good communication, quality product and service. Love these on my Keychron Q3, gives great sound and buttery smoothness to the board. Bonus, the switches come with a nifty combination switch-puller/keycap-puller

Great shipping rates

I'm surprised Thock King had the C³ EQUALZ X TKC Tangerine (Light Green) Linear Switches in stock WITH great shipping rates. Nothing is more relieving other than having a company coming in clutch with IN-STOCK, HARD TO GET products. Keep it coming. Thanks!

The base is solid, keycaps do not fall out. Shipping was very fast.

I had some questions before purchasing and this seller was very helpful. The cube itself is very easy to build and really helps me de-stress a bit.

great quality item, fits any switch i have and perfect for on the go. thank you! :o)

Was sent a tracking number the day I ordered! Unfortunately, one if the switches listed as in stock was out, but i sent a backup in case and am pleased with my order!


1. According to the website, it said my package will arrive in 3-5 days but it actually took 9-10 days to arrive. And I live in Arizona which is right next to California. It’s fine I didn’t mind and that wasn’t the reason why I took off a star. Just letting you guys know that it might take a little longer than expected 😅.
2. The product came a little dirty and I tried wiping it with some cleaning supplies but it’s still stuck.
3. The printing was a little off. There’s one switch that keeps coming off even though I don’t do much to it other than just pressing on it. And yes press it in fully. Idk why
4. There are little dots on it at certain places. It doesn’t bother me too much but yeah
5. The product was amazing and I paid about $11.11 for just the base with no switches or keycaps. It’s definitely more worth it to get those.
6. I am having trouble taking off some of the other switches. I have a decent switch puller. Not super fancy ones but not like those rounded cheap ones either. My switch puller has trouble gripping the bottom part so now I’m stuck with the switches I first put in. Idk if they were suppose to pulled out after putting it in. Just a little warning.
7. Overall the product is good. Sorry for some of the complaints. I wanted this to be as honest as possible. I got was I wanted and I was satisfied. Just some stuff here and there that might bother some people who are kinda picky like me. 😊

Shipped in the same box as other order exactly as listed. I inserted small pieces inside my spacebar but will be using it to pad a different keyboard.