120 pcs 0.30mm PORON® Foam Switch Film



PORON® switch films are composed of a proprietary foam-like material known to produce the deepest sound. PORON® is imported from South Korea designed to be highly compressible, durable, and vibration absorbent. This material will sit tightly between the top and bottom housing to reduce wobble, and noise in your switches.

PORON® urethane is an open cell foam used in the development of gaskets, protective gear, footwear, and even within parts of the Hubble Space Telescope.


  • Black
  • Poron material
  • 0.30mm thick
  • 120 pcs
  • Compatible MX style switches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John. A
Worked as Advertised!

Used this foam on my newly bought switches, definitely a sound improvement compared to stock.


Put these on my Gateron North Pole V1s and and this along with the Poron switch pads really helped to make my keyboard sound exactly how I wanted it too. I noticed the North Poles top housing had a little play after I opened them up the first time, so this kit really helped!


A little tight for the Gateron Lekker switches of my Wooting 60HE but they did wonder to the sound and feel of my switches. The keeb now feels fuller and has a decent increase in “thock”!
I picked those poron film based on the factory gap I saw on those switches and they worked perfect.
Would highly recommend for anyone with a similar keyboard.