Acrylic Switch Lube Station for Custom Mechanical Keyboard (board only)


This listing includes acrylic board only. For full switch lube station kit, please see other items in store.

Switch lube stations helps to organize and allows you to work more efficiently by keeping all your small parts in one area. Keyboard modifications or mods are a fun way to improve the quality of your keyboard to get more enjoyment out of the keyboard hobby.

This 2 layer, 8mm thick acrylic lube station allows you to hold 28 switches at once and include an aluminum case to hold essentials like lube etc.. and an area that uses magnets to hold your springs and other small metal items.

*Does not come with magnet*

Some assembly required:

  1. Remove any protective film on the acrylic.
  2. Use included screws to assemble the legs (legs and screws can be found in the aluminum box).
  3. Add included magnet to the acrylic plate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shelby Schmidt

Exactly what I was looking for and got it in 3 days. Thank you!


A little hard to peel off the tape and came a little cracked but overall works really good


Works great, really makes lubing a bunch a switches more more organized.

Kevin Lee
Long delivery times Canadian Orders

Products were good but the delivery timeline was unreasonable. In the same time frame, I received two different orders from China in the time it took for Thock King to delivery my order from the States.

Good Except…..

If you want a Lube station that all around works well, probably don’t get this one. The lube station works well, but the tolerances on the plus shaped holes hold the switches are too tight. You can’t easily take them in and how with tweezers, I could have broken a couple switch stems trying to take them in and out of the holes so I figured it just wasn’t worth it. I even try to make the tolerances bigger with a screw driver, didn’t work. If you don’t ever use the plus shaped holes it works fine.

TL;DR Plus shaped holes are for the switch stems are useless, rest of it works fine.