Cherry MX Blue Clicky RGB Switches

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Cherry MX has been a keyboard industry leader for quite some time and the MX Blues is the classic clicky switch. Cherry MX blue offers a 60g spring with a tactile and audible click which this switch is known for throughout the keyboard hobby. 


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  • Clicky
  • 60 cN operating force
  • 2.0 mm pre travel
  • 4.0 mm total travel
  • Plate mount 3pin
  • MX stem

Sound Test

Customer Reviews

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Each keyswitch is exactly what I ordered and each one works great. Super fast shipping and delivery. A few of the keyswitch pins were slightly bent, but that's to be expected when a bunch of them are rolling around in a bag.

Ashley Corrado

Excellent customer service. Seller replies within the hour if not faster each time I contacted the shop. Quality merch. Order got here SUPER fast, same as last time. This is my second order, will be ordering more. Highly recommended.

Michael Kelly

I ordered a System76 Launch keyboard, and while I loved they keyboard, the Royal switches were too rough.

After lots of researching I landed on Cherry MX Blue switches to try. It was actually hard to order the right amount of switches at a good price at Amazon so found this. And WOW.

The switches came insanely fast (way faster than even Amazon) were a great price, packaged well etc.

Very happy and will buy again the next time I want to try a new switch :)

Original and reliable

Yes there are other many other clicky switches out there, but I still use cherry blues in keyboards for work and keep the more "fun" switches for my boards at home. They are reliable, have a standard return and can take more aggressive/faster typing without floating or sticking.

Thank you guys so much!

Cherry MX blues are always a solid stand by.