Cherry MX Blue Clicky RGB Switches



Cherry MX has been a keyboard industry leader for quite some time and the MX Blues is the classic clicky switch. Cherry MX blue offers a 60g spring with a tactile and audible click which this switch is known for throughout the keyboard hobby. 


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  • Clicky
  • 60 cN operating force
  • 2.0 mm pre travel
  • 4.0 mm total travel
  • Plate mount 3pin
  • MX stem

Sound Test

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Each keyswitch is exactly what I ordered and each one works great. Super fast shipping and delivery. A few of the keyswitch pins were slightly bent, but that's to be expected when a bunch of them are rolling around in a bag.

Ashley Corrado

Excellent customer service. Seller replies within the hour if not faster each time I contacted the shop. Quality merch. Order got here SUPER fast, same as last time. This is my second order, will be ordering more. Highly recommended.

Michael Kelly

I ordered a System76 Launch keyboard, and while I loved they keyboard, the Royal switches were too rough.

After lots of researching I landed on Cherry MX Blue switches to try. It was actually hard to order the right amount of switches at a good price at Amazon so found this. And WOW.

The switches came insanely fast (way faster than even Amazon) were a great price, packaged well etc.

Very happy and will buy again the next time I want to try a new switch :)

Mason Brown
Great service, cheap parts, great quality.

Cheapest price I could find, switches all work great and they responded personally to help change my shipping address. Thank you!

Pretty decent

The Cherry MX Blues are a pretty notorious switch. Out of the click jacket switches, they were kind of the original. While there are many other click jacket switches out there, I think this is probably one of the best "basic blue" click jacket switch out there. It does have a small bump just like the browns do and isn't the smoothest and has a fair amount of spring ping, but it doesn't have any binding going up and down. Click jacket switches are pretty good typing switches in my experience because the activation and reset point is quite different. I find that I make a lot fewer mistakes with click jacket switches, not that I make a lot of typing mistakes anyway. The blues are not necessarily considered to be a "good" sounding switch and they tend to have some rattle, but if you put them in a build that helps lower the pitch and cuts out some of the high pitched noises and use some thick keycaps, it does wonders to the sound. Still, it's not as clean a sound as a click bar or click leaf, but I do like these, and that's why I got them.