Crystal Clear RGB CSA Keycap Set (143 pc)

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Crystal Clear minimalist keycap set features an all clear base with optional black dye sublimation legends. This set comes with 143 pieces which is ideal for keyboard sizes: 61, 64, 68, 84, 87, 98, 104 and 108. Keycaps are durable and made of thick solid polycarbonate plastic material which is the best material for clear keycaps. Let your RGB shine and see those beautiful keyboard switches with these crystal keycaps!

*Keycap set does not come with the keyboard*


  • PC (polycarbonate) plastic
  • Thick PC (about 1.4mm)
  • Optional dye sublimation legends 
  • Colorway: Clear base with optional black legends
  • Compatible with MX switches
  • CSA profile
  • Spacebar is standard 6.25U
  • Does not come with keyboard case. 


Fits all keyboard sizes from 60% to 108 layouts 

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Customer Reviews

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Brendan Batchelor
Nice caps, and outstanding service from James.

Installed these on a K10 pro with clicky switches, they look good and let the RGB through quite well. They have a unique sound, kind of glassier and more hollow than normal caps.

I flubbed my order for these and accidentally bought the pack without legends, and then immediately reached out to support to change them out for the labelled caps. After I received the blank caps anyways, James immediately shipped me the correct caps at no extra shipping charge. Completley painless about all of it.

good quality clear keycaps, not SA?

these are well made, glossy, well-finished PA keycaps. i am very pleased with them. be aware that any clear keycap will be extremely glossy to the touch and will show oil and dust. also these appear not to be a standard SA profile. R5 is about 12 mm tall. i suspect it may be CSA profile.