Custom Mechanical Switch Tester (4, 6, 9 or 16 switches + acrylic base)



If you are considering buying from our wide selection of mechanical keyboard switches and having trouble deciding or you want a fun gift for yourself or that keyboard lover in your life, this custom switch tester is for you!

You have a choice of 4, 6, 9 or 16 switches (acrylic base included) and an option of adding clear ABS keycaps at an additional charge.

How to Order

  1. Select the number of switches: 4, 6, 9, or 16
  2. Select clear ABS keycaps or select "None" if you have your own. 
  3. Choose Switches: Enthusiast Random Switches is a collection of more exclusive switches from; Gazzew, Equalz, Gateron, TTC, Kailh, SP STAR and more.
  4. Enthusiast custom is a list of your own specific switches provided as a note at the time of check out. 

List of Available Switches:

Gateron Black Box Ink 60g  - Linear

Gateron Pink Box Ink 50g - Linear

Gateron Yellow Optical 35g - Linear

Gateron Gold CAP V2 - Linear

Gateron Milky Yellow CAP - Linear

Gateron Oil King 55g - Linear

Gateron CJ 45g - Linear

Zeal Tealios V2 67g - Linear

C3 Equalz Kiwi 67g - Tactile

C3 Equalz Tangerine 67g - Linear

C3 Equalz Tangerine 62g - Linear

C3 Equalz Fierce Girl 58.5g - Linear

Gazzew Boba Linear Thock 55g - Linear

Gazzew Boba Linear Thock 65g - Linear

Gazzew Boba U4T 62g - Tactile

Gazzew Boba U4T 68g - Tactile

Gazzew Boba U4T Nixdork 65g - Tactile

TTC Helix Lab 45g - Clicky

TTC Ace 60g- Linear

Keyfirst Cream 62g - Linear

Keyfirst Watermelon 55g- Tactile

KTT Strawberry - Linear

KTT Kang White V3 - Linear

KTT Peach 45g - Linear

Cherry MX Brown RGB 55g - Tactile

Cherry MX Blue RGB  60g - Clicky

Cherry MX Red RGB  45g - Linear

Cherry MX Sliver RGB 45g - Linear

Cherry MX Black RGB 45g - Linear

SP Star Meteor Orange 57g - Tactile

SP Star Meteor White 57g - Linear

SP Star Polaris Purple 62g - Tactile

SP Star Polaris Gray 67g - Linear

SP Star Magic Girl 67g - Tactile

SP Star Red/Blue 57g- Linear

SP Star Duck 58g - Tactile

SP Star Ayara 62g-  Linear

Kailh Box Royal - Clicky/Tactile

Kailh Box Jade 50g - Clicky

Kailh Box Pink 55 g - Clicky

Kailh Box Navy 60g - Clicky

Novel Keys x Kailh Sorbet 45g - Clicky

Cant decide? ask for a random mix

*Please remember to provide the list of switches as a note at the time of checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Vicky Chen

Super fast shipping and the little acrylic test switch holder is so tiny and can definitely come in handy for artisan keycap holding as well :)

Kelly Yap

Was sent a tracking number the day I ordered! Unfortunately, one if the switches listed as in stock was out, but i sent a backup in case and am pleased with my order!

Jay M
Absolutely love it!

You know, for such a small, "simple" thing, it brings a lot of joy <3 It's honestly aesthetically pleasing for my desktop, and it genuinely helps in determining which types of switches I want to purchase for my first custom build (be it that I am relatively new to this hobby). It's also just fun to mess with when I'm sitting at my desk <3 All around, a great product!

Marianne Guemo

I love this thing so much. I even loved figuring out how to put it together. Everything was neatly and carefully packed. This was shipped it out quickly! I needed a “clickityclack” kind of thing to keep my fidgety-self entertained when I need to appear professional. Great variety of switches. Sturdy base. Helpful little tool included. And the seller was super nice. Thank you so much!

Johnathan Rutherford

High quality items for my mechanical keyboard hunger. I always love when I can find my items here! Excellent key switch tester!