Gateron Azure Dragon V2 Tactile Switches



Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 switch offers welcome improvements over the previous version from the KS-9 mold.


Some of these V2 upgrades include:

  • Fixed top housing mold
  • Lens for better RGB light shine through
  • Gold plated springs
  • POM material for bottom housing
  • New mold for bottom housing


The upgraded POM bottom housing and stem provide an ideal sound experience and a smooth keypress into a firm bottoming out. 


The tactile 5pin switch uses polycarbonate material on the top housing and POM on the bottom housing. It has a 67g bottom-out force and 63g operating force. The total travel time is 4.0mm. It is pre-factory lubed. 


  • Sold in 10 packs or sealed box of 35
  • Tactile bump
  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate, Lens Mold (Pantone 291C Transparent)
  • Bottom Housing: POM (Pantone XG Violet C)
  • Stem: POM
  • Spring:  Two-Stage 18mm
  • Operating Force: 63g
  • Bottom Out Force: 67g
  • 5-Pin,
  • PCB Mount

Sound Test

Optional: Hand Lube and Filming Service

  • Price:
    • Hand Lubed - $0.59 per switch
    • Hand Filmed - $0.69 per switch
    • Hand Lubed & Filmed - $0.89 per switch
  • We use Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105 and TriboSys 3203 depending of your switch type.
  • We use polycarbonate clear .015mm or .013mm film depending on switch brand.
  • Depending on order volume, we typically require 4-8 additional business days.

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