Gateron Milky Yellow Black Bottom Housing KS-3 Linear Switches



This is the milky housing variant of Gateron's KS-3 line feature a black bottom housing. The G-Pro switches feature a new stem mold to reduce stem wobble and provide a smoother typing experience. Best price to performance, g pro milky yellow switches and one of the best budget switches you can find online. We offer professional hand lubed and lubing services as well as adding film to switches. 

This similar to the normal G-Pro yellow, the only difference is the milky top housing which will alter the typing sound for the better .



  • Linear
  • New stem mold
  • Milky top housing
  • 50g spring
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Linear switch, 5-pin design

Sound Test

Optional: Hand Lube and Filming Service

  • Price:
    • Hand Lubed or Filmed - $0.59 per switch
    • Hand Lubed & Filmed - $0.89 per switch
  • We use Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105 and TriboSys 3203 depending of your switch type.
  • We use polycarbonate clear .015mm or .013mm film depending on switch brand.
  • Depending on order volume, require 4-8 additional business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great budget switches

Loving these switches in my first ever build! When they are lubed they sound and feel great.

Great overall

Great quality, besides a couple of bent pins and films that weren’t in properly, but easy to fix.