Gateron Oil King Linear Switches



Announced in Q1/2022, Gateron Oil Kings and a linear switch that feature a all black nylon top housing and Gateron proprietary Ink bottom housing to give all black stealth look. The name Oil King comes from the new in-house lubing process that provide a consistent stock lube but enthusiast may still prefer to lube and film themselves by hand using 205g0. The Oil Kings feature a long 20mm spring which help provide a snappy stem return and required 55g of actuation force. 


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  • Sold in 10 packs or sealed box of 35
  • Linear
  • Nylon top housing
  • INK material bottom housing
  • POM linear stem
  • 20mm spring
  • 5 pin
  • 55g actuation/80g bottom out
  • Improved factory Lube

Sound Test

Optional: Hand Lube and Filming Service

  • Price:
    • Hand Lubed or Filmed - $0.49 per switch
    • Hand Lubed & Filmed - $0.79 per switch
  • We use Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105 and TriboSys 3203 depending of your switch type.
  • We use polycarbonate clear .015mm or .013mm film depending on switch brand.
  • Depending on order volume, we typically require 4-8 additional business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The switches came out great and were shipped well!

Expected good...received great

I had purchased a 65% keyboard with knob online that I thought would be my favorite but it quickly ended up being my most hated as the yellow stock switches were one of the worst and loudest metal-y spring hearing keyboard with every key. I've ordered keyboard from that online store before with the same switches before and none were a fraction as loud as this one was. I tried the tape mod and bought switch pads, but nothing. I came across Gateron Oil King Linears while looking to try something new for my daily driver. Once I received them, I decided to give my nightmare keyboard one last chance and switched out the hell-ish yellow stock switches. I already knew they were going to be good, but I didn't know they came with a side of miracle because this keyboard is now my daily driver with one of the most pleasant sounds.

Zack Carroll

Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

Anaia Oquendo
exactly what i wanted

this was my first ever keyboard build and it turned out exactly how i wanted and most of that came from the sound of these switches. they are phenomenal