Gazzew Boba U4Tx Half Thock Tactile Switches



Not sure if you want your next set of switches to be silent or thocky? The U4Tx by Gazzew has got you covered with their unique half thock switches that uses the long pole stem from the U4 silent switch and the same tactile bump as the legendary Boba U4T's. This interesting combination allows for a silent upstroke while providing a satisfying thock as the stem tops out on release. The top and bottom housing is made from Gazzews proprietary blend known as Boba Plastic and is plum color with a black box stem. 


Gazzew the maker of some of the best mechanical keyboard switches including: Boba U4T, U4, Bobagum, Linear Thock (LT), Phoenix and more cares greatly about the quality which is why Thock King is very proud to be one a handful of vendors selected to provide hand lube and film services. 


  • Available in: 63.5g
  • Base Style: MX with RGB Slot
  • Tactile Switch
  • Proprietary plastic mix
  • Long Pole Stem
  • Korean Stainless Steel Springs
  • PCB Mount (5 Pin Housing)
  • Manufacturer: Outemu
  • Designer: Gazzew

Sound Test

Optional: Hand Lube and Filming Service

  • Price:
    • Hand Lubed or Filmed - $0.39 per switch
    • Hand Lubed & Filmed - $0.69 per switch
  • We use Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105 and TriboSys 3203 depending of your switch type.
  • We use polycarbonate clear .015mm or .013mm film depending on switch brand.
  • Depending on order volume, we typically require 2 - 7 additional business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Curry
Smooth and Tactile with Great Feedback

These switches offer a nice tactile bump at the start of the stroke and are very smooth. I like that the resistance after the bump doesn't drop as much as many tactile switches. The sound is quite mellow since it is silent on the return stroke. Overall, one of my favorite switches as well as one of the most unique sounding.


Not the exact same tactile feel as the original u4t, but the thock is there, especially if you remove the silencing rubber on the stem! Still a very good feeling switch, even when stock!