Green Dragon Scale PBT OEM Keycap Set (RGB shine through)

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Thock King's Green Scale keycaps feature shades of greenish blue PBT keycaps running in a horizontal pattern with white/translucent legend for clear keyboard RGB shine through. These keycaps will allow north or south facing LED lights to shine through and light up the legends. This 128 piece set is OEM style which is similar to Cherry profile only slightly taller and is ideal for keyboard sizes: 61, 64, 68, 84, 87, 98, 104 and 108. Keycaps are durable, made of thick solid PBT material and would look great on any keyboard. 

*Keycap set does not come with the keyboard*


  • PBT plastic
  • North and South Facing LED options
  • 128 pieces
  • LED shine through for north or south facing LED
  • Colorway: Shades of green / blue with white/translucent legends 
  • Compatible with MX switches
  • OEM profile
  • Spacebar is standard 6.25U 
  • Does not come with keyboard case. 


Fits all keyboard sizes from 60% to 108 layouts 

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color starting to fade off keycaps after a month

it comes with many keycaps which is nice but the color is already starting to fade after a month of owning