Kailh Box Jade Clicky Switches



The Kailh x novelkeys Box Jade is a custom clicky box switch for mechanical keyboards and with a medium 50g actuation force and is known to be one of the best clicky switches on the market. Keyboard beginners and enthusiast alike will agree that box jade's have a pronounced and satisfying click that is unmatched. This is the non crystal version with a white bottom housing. 


  • Model Box Jade
  • Manufacturer Kailh
  • Type Clicky
  • Actuation force 50g
  • Bottom Out 60g
  • Pre travel 1.8mm
  • Total travel 3.6mm
  • Stem structure MX
  • Mount PCB 5-pin
  • Lifespan 80 Million

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Customer Reviews

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A switch I cannot live without

At first I thought the box jade switch was too loud and I put it in a back up keyboard instead of my main keyboard. About two weeks later, I had to use that back up keyboard and I was amazed at how the switches felt. I have now put them back in my main keyboard, and do not plan to stop using them. They feel perfect. They are not too loud and to me they are the switch I will be using going forward.