Kailh Box Jade Crystal Clicky Switches



The Kailh Box Crystal Jade is a custom clicky box switch with a medium 50g actuation force. What makes the Crystal Jade so much more popular than the standard Box Jades is the full clear housing where the standard Box Jade switches have a white bottom. 


  • Model Box Crystal Jade
  • Manufacturer Kailh
  • Type Clicky
  • Actuation force 50g
  • Bottom Out 60g
  • Pre travel 1.8mm
  • Total travel 3.6mm
  • Stem structure MX
  • Mount PCB 5-pin
  • Lifespan 80 Million

Sound Test

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eric Page
Kailh Box Jade switchs are the best

RTINGS rated these the best clicky switch and I agree. I like them a lot more than the blue switchs I have used in the past. Put this set in an Epomaker TH 80 Pro and I am loving the sound they make.

Fun to type with

Debated whether I would like Box Pinks or Jade's better. These feel more tactile like a nice bubble wrap snap which is very satisfying. I only noticed a slow return on one switch I put in for the spacebar, but after using for a day that went away on its own.

Tom Perez

My new favorite switches. They are very clicky, and fit perfectly inside my hitbox controller! Fast shipping as well, which is always great

James Hall
Well delivered

No bent wires, packed correctly. Looking for clickey switches that suit me better than Navy but these are very much the same to me. Got to check out a switch with a different actuation point. Been using original Cherry Blues for years and they have a higher point than I like so tried Navy and Green. Need lower point and a bit weaker spring. But that’s me. These switches are well made.


Fast shipping, perfectly packaged, amazing quality!