TTC X Helix Lab Skylar Clicky Switches



The renowned TTC x Helix Lab presents Helix Skylar, this should be the most crisp, sharp clicky sound that you ever heard coming out of a switch.  It's a reinvented structural design by TTC who is one of the leading players in switch manufacturing and is the among steadiest suppliers to brands like Razer, Logitech, and Roccat.


  • Type: Tactile Clicky
  • Actuation force: 45g
  • Bottom out force: 60g
  • Plate mount (3-pin)

Sound Test

Customer Reviews

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Bianca Quenga

Let me just start off by saying that none of the pins were bent. I think this matters when considering that lots of other switches have a high likelihood of having bent pins, but that might just depend on where it comes from. From what I gathered, this seller does a stellar job in quality control and making sure all the switches are perfect. It really feels worth it when all you want to worry about is installing these great switches. And to top it all off, it arrived in lightning speed. Amazing seller!

Was supposed to be a clicky switch - it was not

I got this because I love clicky switches. Even better are switches that are both clicky and tactile. This switch was advertised/described as both clicky and tactile. It is NEITHER. There is no tactile thing going and it barely can be regarded as clicky. Very dissapointed. Will have to repurchase switches I have purchased in the past from others that are true clicky or true clicky+tactile. Won't be believing descriptions from this site in the future.

Very clean click

I have used a lot of different kinds of clicky switches, but I have to say that especially for a click jacket switch, this switch has a very clean click to it. These switches come prelubed with lube on the bottom of the spring and lube on the contact leaf and stem legs, but on some switches TTC assembled them with too much lube, and the lube migrated into different places in the switch. I cleaned all the stems ultrasonically, and hand cleaned the bottom housings with a nylon friendly solvent. I left the lube on the bottom of the spring and left a small amount of lube on the contact leaf. Now everything clicks consistently. It was a lot of work, but I think it was worth the trouble because the sound is unique compared to many of the other switches I have used, and I have used click bar switches and click leaf switches (like the board I'm typing this review on) and click jacket switches like the Cherry MX Blue

Bo M.

The switch has a deep sound profile, when it bottoms out, and a sharp click upon actuation. Definitely the best clicky switch I've tested

Graham Welch

ery clicky, very nice. Would recommend.