WS Wuque Studio Gray Silent Tactile Switches



The popular Wu Que Studio mechanical keyboard switches offer the ultimate typing experience with their newly release range of switches that cover all the bases when it comes to offering the best linear, tactile and silent keyboard switch experience. Thock King is an official vendor for Wuque studio and is proud to be the first vendor specializing in hand lube and film services. The Gray silent tactile switch offers a smooth but heavier typing while eliminating the Nosie to allow for a quite noise free environment for the office or pc gaming session. 


  • Top Housing: Nylon
  • Bottom housing: Nylon
  • Stem: POM
  • Total Travel:3.50士0.3mm
  • Pre-travel:2.00士0.5mm
  • Actuation Force:50土5g
  • Bottom-out Force:63.5gf
  • Spring length: 15mm single stage
  • 5 Pins
  • Lubing:Factory lubed

Sound Test

Optional: Hand Lube and Filming Service

  • Price:
    • Hand Lubed or Filmed - $0.39 per switch
    • Hand Lubed & Filmed - $0.69 per switch
  • We use Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105 and TriboSys 3203 depending of your switch type.
  • We use polycarbonate clear .015mm or .013mm film depending on switch brand.
  • Depending on order volume, require 2 - 7 additional business days.

Customer Reviews

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Jelani Picart
Might be my new favorite switches

I’m planning on using them in a Zoom98 build but I tested them in another DZ60 ANSI based board I have and they are delightful! I don’t feel the need to mod them at all!