Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Lube & Film Service

The general guidance for switch lubricant and or film service is approximately 1-5 additional business days once the order is placed and this depends on which switch you are looking to purchase and the backlog at any given time. 

For linear switches we use:

  • Krytox 205 grade 0 for the stem and housing 
  • Krytox 105 oil for the springs 
  • Polycarbonate .15mm clear film 


For tactile switches we use: 

  • TriboSys 3203 for the stem and housing
  • Krytox 105 oil for the springs 
  • Polycarbonate .15mm clear film


For first time email subscribers, you must first verify your email address. If you have already verified your email address and have not received additional email after 4-5 minutes, please check your spam folder and mark email as "Not Spam".  

Product Troubleshooting

This will most likely depend on the number of pins your keyboard supports. Switches either have 3 or 5 pins and if your keyboard supports only 3-pin, the 5-pin switch will not fit without a simple modification (link to tutorial).  

You most likely bent a pin while installing the switch onto the keyboard. This is very common and all you need to do is remove the switch, straighten the pin out with pliers and install the switch again (link to tutorial).   

We try our best to visually inspect every single switch during the packing process but it is possible that a switch gets bent during shipping. This is a very easy fix and should not cause any long term damage to the performance (link to tutorial). 

Shipping and Returns

Yes! We ship to customers around the globe via USPS, UPS and DHL. USPS is the lowest priced option but in known to have delays and unreliable tracking. For more reliable international shipping options with real time tracking information, we recommend UPS or DHL.             

We know how important it is to get you typing as soon as possible. Most orders have a 24 hour turn around time but keep in mind that the free standard shipping can take anywhere from 2 - 5 days once the package has been handed off to the package carrier. 

In these situations we recommend the following: 

  1. Check with neighbors to see if the package was left with them by mistake.
  2. Wait a couple more days to see is USPS will deliver late. 
  3. Contact your local post office and ask them to follow up with the package. Priority mail includes a $100 insurance coverage.

No, sorry but we do not accept returns unless there was an issue with your order and we were at fault (i.e. you were sent the wrong switches). We recommend doing your research before committing to any particular switch or buying a tester pack.