Fidget Cube Pro 6x Mechanical Switch Fidget Toy



From one hobbyist to another, this fidget toy will bring hours of enjoyment for your clicking pleasure. Makes the prefect gift for that mechanical keyboard enthusiast in your life or for yourself. 

Made in the US, the quality and precision in unmatched with 6 colors to choose from!

The base package includes 3-D resin printed cube with slots for up to 6 MX style switches 

How to Order

Enthusiast Random Switches is a collection of more exclusive switches from; Gazzew, EQUALZ, Gateron, TTC, Kailh, SP STAR and more.


Enthusiast Custom includes your pick of switches from the list below. Please be sure to provide the list of switches at the time order is placed.


  1. Select the base resin color
  2. Select the keycap color or select none if you already have them
  3. Select if you have a specific keyboard switch you would like to try or if you would like us to select at random.
  4. For customer selected orders, provide name of requested switch in the notes section at the time of check out.

Keycap Profile Overview

List of Available Switches

  • Gateron Azure Dragon 63g - Tactile
  • Gateron Black Box Ink 60g  - Linear
  • Gateron Pink Box Ink 50g - Linear
  • Gateron Yellow Optical 35g - Linear
  • Gateron Milky Yellow G-Pro - Linear
  • Gateron Milky Yellow CAP - Linear
  • Gateron Gold CAP V2 - Linear
  • Gateron Oil King 55g - Linear
  • Gateron CJ 45g - Linear
  • Gateron Baby Kangaroo 59g - Tactile
  • Zeal Tealios V2 67g - Linear
  • Everglide Dark Jade 67g - Tactile
  • C3 Equalz Kiwi 67g - Tactile
  • C3 Equalz Tangerine 62g - Linear
  • C3 Equalz Tangerine 67g - Linear
  • C3 Equalz Banana Split - 62g Linear
  • C3 Equalz Red Smoothie - 62g Linear
  • C3 Equalz Blue Smoothie 67g - Linear
  • Durock Dolphin Silent - Linear
  • Durock Shrimp Silent T1 - Tactile
  • Everglide Dark Jade - Tactile
  • Gazzew Boba U4T 62g/63.5g/68g - Tactile
  • Gazzew Boba U4 Silent 62g/63.5g/68g - Linear
  • Gazzew Bobagum 62g/68g - Linear
  • Gazzew Boba U4Tx 63.5g - Tactile
  • Gazzew Linear Thock (LT) 55g / 65g -  Linear
  • TTC Helix Lab 45g - Clicky 
  • TTC Ace 60g- Linear
  • TTC Brother 58g - Clicky
  • TTC Quicksilver 45g - Linear
  • Keyfirst Cream 62g - Linear
  • KTT Strawberry - Linear
  • KTT Kang White V3 - Linear
  • KTT Yellow Cream - Linear
  • KTT Peach 45g - Linear 
  • KTT Rose - Linear
  • KTT Matcha - Tactile
  • KTT Laurel - Linear
  • KTT Hyacinth - Linear
  • KTT Tofu Cabbage - Linear
  • KTT Purple Click / Sauce - Tactile
  • Cherry MX Brown RGB 55g - Tactile
  • Cherry MX Blue RGB  60g - Clicky
  • Cherry MX Red RGB  45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX Silver RGB 45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX Black RGB 60g - Linear
  • Cherry MX Hyperglide Black 60g - Liner
  • Cherry MX Hyperglide Brown - Tactile
  • Cherry MX Silent Red- Liner
  • Cherry MX Ergo Clear - Liner
  • Cherry MX2A Brown 55g - Tactile
  • Cherry MX2A Brown RGB 55g - Tactile
  • Cherry MX2A Blue 60g - Clicky
  • Cherry MX2A Blue RGB  60g - Clicky
  • Cherry MX2A Red  45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX2A Red RGB  45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX2A Silver 45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX2A Silver RGB 45g - Linear
  • Cherry MX2A Black 60g- Liner
  • Cherry MX2A Black RGB 60g - Linear
  • Cherry MX2A Silent Red- Liner
  • Cherry MX2A Silent Red RGB- Liner
  • SP Star Meteor Orange 57g - Tactile
  • SP Star Meteor White 57g - Linear
  • SP Star Polaris Purple 62g - Tactile
  • SP Star Polaris Gray 67g - Linear
  • SP Star Red/Blue 57g- Linear
  • SP Star Duck 58g - Tactile
  • SP Star Ayara 62g-  Linear
  • Kailh Box Royal - Clicky/Tactile
  • Kailh Box Jade 50g - Click
  • Kailh Box Pink 55 g - Clicky
  • Kailh Box Navy 60g - Clicky
  • Kailh Pale Blue - Clicky
  • Kailh Silent Brown - Tactile
  • Kailh Silent Pink - Linear
  • Kailh Blueberry – Tactile
  • Kailh Summer 55g - Clicky 
  • Holy Panda - Tactile
  • Lichicx Lucy Silent - Linear 
  • WS Wuque Studio Brown - Tactile
  • WS Wuque Studio Black Heavy - Tactile
  • WS Wuque Studio Yellow - Linear
  • WS Wuque Studio Red- Linear
  • WS Wuque Studio Gray Silent - Tactile 
  • WS Wuque Studio White Silent - Linear
  • WS Wuque Studio Morandi - Linear
  • WS Wuque Studio Jade- Linear
  • Chilkey Pink Lotus - Linear
  • Chilkey Green Sprout - Tactile

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

This is such a fun and unique fidget! Love it!!


Worked great :) Super fun to click with the switches and keycaps on there. Definitely a great fidget!


Love the structure of it and the non jagged edges. Seated my switches well and securely. Love to squish it whenever I'm idle or am pondering on something lol

Chris M
Pretty decent

Overall pretty decent, would buy again. It's a pretty reasonable way to test switches (testing two switches on opposite sides makes pressure differences obvious), and makes a great fidget toy. It came with a decent variety of switches. It feels robust enough, I don't think this is likely to break. The only "ok" area is fit and finish - it has pretty good tolerances, but it's generally obvious it's 3D printed, and the clear keycaps I got with it are "meh" (a couple keep coming off easily). Would buy again.

Alexandra Cabezas

This is probably the best purchase I’ve made this year, and I’ve made a lot of them. I haven’t stopped clicking it since I put it together, and my sister loves hers as well!