Monsgeek M2 96% Mechanical Keyboard



The M2 is a full aluminum body wired 96% 1800 compact keyboard with 98 keys and is known to have the smallest footprint while having a full number pad. This gasket mounted keyboard features south facing LED's, hot-swappable 5-pin connectors and poron case foam to provide outstanding performance right out of the box. The M2 has a polycarbonate plate to offer the deepest sound profile compared to aluminum or steel plates and comes in 3 colors to choose from. 


Thock King is proud to offer the Monsgeek line of mechanical keyboards known for bringing the best price to performance ratio, loved by keyboard enthusiast and beginners alike. Get your Monsgeek keyboard through Thock King to get some of the fastest shipping times for US orders and get additional discounts on the largest selection of switches and keycap sets.


Receive 10% off switches or keycap sets by bundling with this barebone kit



  • Layout = 1800 Compact
  • 98 keys
  • USB-C Wired
  • Polycarbonate Back Plate
  • Gasket Mount
  • South-facing PCB
  • Stabilizers included
  • 5-pin Hot-swappable
  • South facing LED's
  • N-Key Rollover
  • 18 preset backlight modes
  • Poron case foam
  • QMK / VIA compatible
  • Mac & Windows & Linux
  • Size: 39cm x 14.6cm x 3.27cm


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