Toxic PBT XDA Keycap Set (131 pc)

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 Toxic XDA keycap set features black and yellow legends with yellow accents to give your keyboard mechanical keyboard a post apocalyptic inspired look and include toxic mutant accent keycaps. Toxic keycap set come with a total of 131 pieces which is good for keyboard sizes: 61, 64, 68, 84, 87 and 98. These keycaps have dye sublimation legends which is very durable and made of thick solid PBT material to give your keyboard extra thock perfect for PC gamers, office workers or general typists. Two 6.25u spacebars are included.


*Keycap set does not come with the keyboard*


  • PBT plastic
  • Thick PBT(about 1.4mm)
  • Dye sublimation legends
  • Colorway: Black, White and Yellow
  • Compatible with MX switches
  • XDA profile
  • Spacebar 2x 6.25U
  • Keycaps only, no keyboard included


Fits all keyboard sizes from 60% to 100% layouts 

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew R
Amazing Build Quality for the Price

The quality of the keycaps themselves: the plastic, the thickness, the fit, feel, and the sound are all really good. Even the spacebars are straight.
However, like most keycaps in this price range the legends on the caps are not perfect. The alpha characters are all really good, but many of the other keys have legends that are off centered. It's not terrible but a few are pretty noticeable. One thing I personally don't like is that the font size of the number row is a bit small, much smaller than the alphas and F-keys.
I would definitely recommend this keycaps set and would buy them again in a heartbeat. The color scheme is awesome too.